Trust & Safety at Scale

Minimize risk by checking backgrounds and confirming identities through APIs designed for easy integration, low maintenance, and high security.

Why Choose Inflection API Solutions?

Inflection Trust & Safety solutions give you a fast, reliable way to verify identities and check backgrounds. Our decade of experience in public records means we handle the data science, compliance, and other heavy lifting for you.

Data Quality At Scale

We organize billions of records, classify information, and verify identities in the background, so you can focus on using the information to make the best decisions.

Gold Standard Security

Our APIs are built with security top of mind, with role-based access control, high-grade data encryption, two-factor authentication, and secure firewalls.

Compliance Expertise

A team of in-house compliance experts keeps close track of legal changes so they can advise on relevant FCRA, EEOC, and state-level laws.

What We Offer

Community Safety API

Automated, instant background checks for businesses


Verified iDSM API

Real-time identity verification for online communities


Employment Screening API

Direct access to background checks in applications and HR tech solutions


Privacy & Security

Learn more about how Inflection works to protect and enhance consumer privacy in an industry being disrupted by technology and big data.

Privacy Principles

Seven guiding principles we build into each of our solutions


Data Transparency Report

A summary of government and civil-litigant requests for our user data


Law Enforcement Guidelines

What we require, including the necessary legal process, to turn over information