API Solutions For Trust & Safety

Build trust among members, customers, and employees with our secure, easy-to-use APIs created with growth, transparency, and privacy in mind.

Community Safety API

Achieve trust at scale by identifying potential risks in your community. The Community Safety API:

  • Is lightweight, fast, and secure
  • Runs automated, compliant safety checks in milliseconds
  • Seamlessly integrates results directly into your own workflows
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Verified iDSM API

Verify identities in real time to boost accountability and give members the confidence to interact. The Verified iDSM API offers:

  • RESTful code for easy setup
  • Privacy-by-design development
  • Trust indicators to encourage interaction
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Employment Screening API

Order and view GoodHire background checks from the hiring, onboarding, and other applications you already use. The GoodHire API:

  • Uses REST standards for easy setup
  • Encrypts sensitive information
  • Complies with relevant federal, state, and local statutes, including the FCRA
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Services for Businesses

Our business products help companies build trust among employees, customers, and members by verifying backgrounds, helping to protect identities, and providing access to accurate public records.

Community Screening

Community Safety enables you to run automated safety checks at scale to help you proactively identify risk to your community.

  • Available via API or web portal–get results in milliseconds
  • View synthesized and intuitive background check results
  • See data visualizations of your community risk and record details
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Employment Screening

GoodHire is a fast and intuitive employment background screening service that helps companies hire safely. Our FCRA-compliant background reports are produced from trusted data sources. We offer:

  • Fast and easy background screening
  • No sign-up or monthly fees
  • 5-star customer service
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Breach Response and Employee Protection

IdentitySmart gives businesses a set of identity monitoring and restoration services for employees and customers. Our advanced solutions:

  • Monitor accounts for breaches and fraud
  • Monitor public records to spot misuse
  • Assist with Identity restoration
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Court Records

PeopleSmart Pro gives professionals access to relevant court records to support their business needs. Our tools are ideal for researching:

  • Civil records
  • Criminal records
  • Property filings
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Services for Personal Use

People use Inflection services in their personal lives to prepare for job searches, protect identity and personal information online, and connect with old acquaintances and new ones.

Background Check

GoodHire True Me lets people see their background check the way potential employers will — and even share the results with hiring managers. True Me offers:

  • Flexible packages for résumé verification, background check, or both
  • Sharing options with privacy controls
  • Assistance on correcting inaccuracies
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iD Card

The Identity.com iD Card gives people the power to control the information they share online so they can:

  • Prove they are real
  • Confirm information once and verify on other sites with the iD Card
  • Protect their online privacy
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Identity and Restoration

IdentitySmart provides identity theft protection and restoration services. Our advanced solutions monitor accounts for fraud, send alerts about suspicious activity, and assist with recovery if losses occur:

  • Monitoring for breaches and fraud
  • $1 million identity theft insurance
  • ID Restoration experts available 24/7
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Personal Connections

PeopleSmart Connect helps people reach out in a privacy-friendly way. Use our search tools to find up-to-date information to:

  • Reconnect with old friends
  • Reach out to distant relatives
  • Invite classmates to a reunion
  • Identify unknown callers
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