Powering Trust

Our products make trust possible by verifying identities, backgrounds, and credentials.

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Run employment background checks in a way that builds a relationship of mutual trust, safety, and fairness with employees right from the start. (You can even run a background check on yourself.)

  • Award-winning candidate experience humanizes screening
  • 5-star customer service includes an in-house compliance team
  • Integrates with in-house applications, popular ATSs, and HR tech solutions
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Community Safety

Run automated safety checks at scale to proactively identify risks to your community.

  • Available via API or web portal – get results in milliseconds
  • View synthesized and intuitive background check results
  • See data visualizations of your community risk and record details
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Verify identities in real time to reduce fraud and give your customers the confidence to interact. The Verified iDSM API offers:

  • RESTful code for fast, easy setup
  • Peer code review, vulnerability testing, and multi-factor encryption add up to high performance and security
  • Privacy-by-design development reflects our commitment to protecting sensitive identity data
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Find up-to-date information about people with privacy-first search tools designed to protect sensitive details while helping you:

  • Reconnect with friends, relatives, and classmates
  • Conduct client research through public court records
  • Identify unknown callers
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