Inflection Transparency Report

Establishing Trust Through Transparency

Inflection, like many other technology companies, receives requests for customer data from governments and law enforcement agencies. As a company, we stand behind privacy practices that inform and empower our users. We believe that it is important for our customers to understand when and how law enforcement agencies can access their data, since these inquiries can have tangible privacy implications on their lives. In that spirit, and as a part of our commitment to our transparency, we regularly publish the Inflection Transparency Report, which summarizes the number of requests we receive for customer information from government and civil litigants.

For an explanation of our legal process requirements, please see our Law Enforcement Guidelines, which provide information about how we comply with these requests for our users’ data, as well as the types of information that may be disclosed in response to a valid subpoena or search warrant.

Inflection Transparency Report 2016

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