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In April, we launched Women @ Inflection, a community within the company focusing on improving the working experience for women at Inflection and increasing diversity by hiring more talented women.

The topic of women in the tech industry is hotly debated, and there’s a lot of discussion about how to increase diversity in a male-dominated industry. However, Women @ Inflection was founded as a unifying, not a divisive force, with a focus on creating community rather than engaging in debate. We hope to provide forums for women within a solid community to get to know each other, share both the successes and struggles of work life, exchange ideas about career development, and connect with other women in the industry. Women @ Inflection provides resources for our community to feel supported, heard, and inspired.

Tiffany Fereydouni, who leads Women @ Inflection alongside Avanti Ketkar, said: “Two words I often hear at Inflection are optimization and growth. Women @ Inflection intends to provide opportunities for Inflectionites to optimize our community, connecting what we do best with what we love most about Inflection to continue to make Inflection even better.”

Last week, Women @ Inflection held its first event, a screening of the movie Girl Rising. Everyone at Inflection was invited to attend, and we provided fresh popcorn, hot dogs, and movie treats for all. Girl Rising follows the stories of nine girls from different parts of the world; each must fight to be educated—and it’s the education that each girl receives that empowers her to break the barriers of injustice, such as child slavery, arranged marriage, and poverty. A majority of the company was in attendance, and team members had much to reflect on afterwards.

“Girl Rising is an important reminder of how lucky I am to live in a country where education and equality are considered rights,” said Carolina Ragolta, who along with Julia Pasek, suggested the movie to Women @ Inflection. “While many of us are trying to “lean in” at work, it can be easy to forget that in so many parts of the world women are struggling to stand up.”

Girl Rising was a poignant first event for Women @ Inflection because it struck at the heart of the organization: supporting one another because a community can achieve what individuals cannot alone. Communities make stories heard; communities support the underdog; mission-driven communities can truly make a difference.

We’re excited about Women @ Inflection and the community it will grow at Inflection. Follow along on The Slope for news and updates!

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