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We’ve Moved To Medium


We’ve reimagined our blog on Medium, giving it a brand new name and a brand new mission.

In Inflection Points, we dig deep into the dramatic shifts in privacy expectations and practices, data ethics, and basic notions of trust, safety, and fairness that are changing the way people think, act, hire, and work.

Why the move? Because, with hundreds of thousands of active readers and writers, Medium gives us access to a broader audience than we reach here on The Slope. And that means we can participate in intelligent discourse about issues we care about with people who care about them, too.

Read the latest post from CEO Matthew Monahan about why we’re taking a stand on human rights issues relating to big data. Next, read his story about Inflection becoming a Certified B Corp in support of our mission to build trust online.

You can also browse stories about other topics Inflectionites care deeply about: fair hiring, criminal justice reform, and identity challenges in the digital age, to name a few.

Follow Inflection Points on Medium. You’ll get to engage with people interested in the challenges of trust, safety, and fairness in the blended online and in-person connections we navigate today.

Don’t worry, though, you can always find The Slope archives here.

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