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Meet the Goodies: Heather Ripley


Goodie n. A super cool member services agent dedicated to providing outstanding support to GoodHire customers.

This week, we’re taking you on a virtual tour of our Omaha office to introduce you to the unique individuals who actively respond to your phone calls, emails and messages. Keep reading to get an insider’s look of what it’s really like to be a Goodie at Inflection!

Meet Heather: A veteran GoodHire representatives with an exquisite taste for travel. You may find her hula-hooping around the office or telling jokes to her coworkers. She’s always there to brighten someone’s day and translates this positive mindset into her work as she engages in conversations with GoodHire customers. Find out why Heather loves being a part of GoodHire and what makes her an awesome team member.

The Slope: Tell Us About Yourself.

Heather: I am from Omaha, Nebraska, but have traveled all over the world. I am pretty much a free spirit. I love nature, the healing arts (yoga, massage therapy, tai chi, chi gong and meditation), painting, traveling, cooking, baking, and doing anything that has to do with the outdoors.

The Slope: What Is GoodHire?

Heather: GoodHire is our B2B product. We work with companies that are looking to hire employees and grow their teams. We do a lot of FCRA-verifications for companies, which is a federal law that regulates fair hiring practices. GoodHire has a bright future ahead, especially since we just launched drug testing. One of the things that set us apart is our stellar customer service ranging from phone calls to emails to chats, an important element to any environment, including our own.

The Slope: What Do You Love About Your Job?

Heather: I like talking to customers! I spoke with a customer this morning who had a great sense of humor. He shared how much he loved our website but had one complaint about a feature our website didn’t have. It’s just interesting to hear about people’s different stories and the various kinds of businesses they run.

The Slope: What Is a Typical Day for Your Team?

Heather: The first thing I do when I get to work is check my emails to see if anything urgent happened the night before. Then, I usually pull up new accounts because there are always so many businesses to verify everyday. I do all this while I’m taking phone calls.

The Slope: What Interested You About Inflection?

Heather: This woman I worked with at my previous job was leaving and told me she was going to this company called Inflection. She was really fired up about it too, so I had to go online check it out. When I saw the website, I thought to myself “this is exactly what I have been looking for the last two years.”

The Slope: What Have You Learned So Far Working at Inflection?

Heather: The great thing about Inflection is if there is ever anything you don’t know, you can turn to anyone from a supervisor to a teammate to get feedback, learn how to deal with a situation, or gain more knowledge on a certain topic.

The Slope: What Are the Must-Have Skills Needed to Become an Inflection Rockstar?

Heather: You have to be awesome at life! Those who work here definitely are great at living life to the fullest. It’s also important to have fun, obviously not to an extent that disrupts your work, but since we’re here for at least 8 hours a day – why not have fun? Also, inflection employees must have a positive attitude. We’ve all had a coworker at one time or another who have had less than a positive attitudes about their work. We believe both your personal and professional life can improve once you can enjoy your work versus being mad or angry all day. So why not just choose joy? And choose to brighten someone’s day? Your attitude will get you far here. I personally like to have fun and joke with my coworkers a It’s what makes me look forward to going to work!

The Slope: What Is a Fun Fact About You?

Heather: I’m bilingual. I speak both English and German! I studied in Vienna.

The Slope: What Is in Your Refrigerator Right Now?

Heather: I’m the only Inflection Omaha vegetarian (that I know of at least). Currently in my refrigerator, you will find fresh fruits and vegetables, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, soy chorizo from Trader Joes, all of which are delicious enough for even a meat eater would love it.

The Slope: Pick Two Celebrities to Be Your Parents.

Heather: Jeff Bridges and Sally Field. Why? Because Jeff Bridges seems like a really mellow, laid back, down to earth person who has lived life and would have a lot to share. Sally Field because she is quirky, funny, and has a gentle soul. Also, she kind of looks like my mom.

The Slope: What App Would You Like to Live in?

Heather: Somewhere between Mindbody Connect, Unicorn Rainbow Ride and AllTrails Hiking.

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