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Meet Our FCRA Compliance Analyst


The latest addition to our Inflection team is helping us ensure our products and processes adhere to the strictest standards of consumer privacy. When she isn’t watching her designated hour of Golden Girls everyday alongside her beagle, Izzy McLean is helping Inflection’s Trust team protect consumer privacy by reviewing and ensuring GoodHire’s compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

We sat down with our new FCRA compliance analyst to learn more about her role at Inflection.

Describe your role here.

As an FCRA compliance analyst, I stay on top of developing legislation and court decisions, making sure that any changes in law are communicated to senior management. This way, our products can be adapted as necessary to remain compliant with all relevant laws. I also monitor GoodHire’s processes to make sure that what we are currently doing is not just good enough, but is a best practice.

How did you get to this career point?

I graduated from law school without a burning interest in actually practicing law. I wanted to work on more of the transactional side. I lucked out by finding a job as an attorney for an amazing background screening company in North Carolina, and I was introduced to the FCRA there. I ended up being given responsibility for FCRA compliance in our employment screening products, and fell in love with it. So it was really just a matter of luck.

What does it take to be an FCRA compliance analyst?

Anyone can be an FCRA compliance analyst, but enjoying it is a different story! I think FCRA attorneys, analysts, and compliance specialists all love rules and determining how those rules are best followed. Of course, with all rules there are exceptions, so you have to be able to recognize when those exceptions are triggered in the consumer reporting industry. More than anything, though, I think it takes strong attention to detail and a genuine interest in the concept of data-integrity; you have to care about consumers’ rights to the sharing and reporting of accurate personal information.

Why did you pursue a job at Inflection?

The corporate culture of Inflection was attractive. I appreciated the passionate, driven, energetic professionals. Inflection also understands that it’s necessary to respect the work-life balance of employees. Plus, Inflection has an FCRA product, GoodHire, and is dedicated to compliance, so it was the perfect fit.

You’re joining the Trust team. How does your team interact with Inflection’s product teams?

The Trust team is everywhere. Our goal is to make sure that we are sharing personal data responsibly and transparently. Though each of Inflection’s products differ, they all revolve around the dissemination of personal data. The Trust team monitors the way in which that sharing occurs. We make sure that all data is protected, respected, and used responsibly.

What are your beliefs on protecting consumer information?

Our personal, sensitive information plays a huge part in defining who we are as individuals. I think it’s a fundamental right of all human beings to be able to control who obtains this information and what they do with it. Otherwise, we lose the ability to shape our identities and control the way we project ourselves to society.

Why do you love being an FCRA compliance analyst?

I get to sit around interpreting and analyzing rules all day. It’s never monotonous. And there’s a little bit of danger involved!

What is a fun fact about you?

I’m an identical twin born on July 4th in a town called Liberty on the bicentennial of the statue of liberty.

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