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Introducing the 2015 Law Enforcement Requests Report


As part of our commitment to transparency, we are proud to announce the most recent edition of our Law Enforcement Request Report, which summarizes the demands for customer information we receive from the government and civil litigants.

Our 2014 report was recently featured in the Transparency Reporting Toolkit: A joint publication between the Open Technology Institute and Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society. The Toolkit surveyed industry standards in transparency reporting and promotes eight best practices companies are encouraged to adopt. In order to meet the standards put forth by the Transparency Reporting Toolkit, we’ve enhanced our reporting practices and integrated each of the recommendations within our own 2015 report.

Steps we took to evolve our reporting include:

  • Expanded the report to include additional categories of customer information requests in order to reflect the granularity of the court orders tech companies receive
  • Provided detailed descriptions of various terms and legal processes to make the report easier to understand
  • Disclosed the number of requests we complied with instead of simply reporting the number of requests we received

Companies’ information collection and transparency reporting practices vary dramatically. Incorporating the Toolkit’s best practices represents a promising step toward standardizing reports across the industry.

As they adapt to changing expectations in the post-Snowden age, more tech companies use transparency reports to keep their customers informed about the number and types of information requests they receive.

At Inflection, we realize that transparency reports alone won’t alleviate concerns about government overreach. But they represent our commitment to our customers and exemplify one of the many ways Inflection works to restore trust in the digital age.

Read more about the role of transparency reports, then join the conversation with @Inflection #transparency.

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