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Inflection Wins Prestigious Optimas Award for Recruiting


The results are in! We’re proud to announce that Inflection has received the Silver for Workforce Magazine’s 2015 Optimas Awards for Recruiting.The Optimas awards attract applications from talented companies around the globe. The award recognizes our university recruiting program as a worldwide stand-out.

The Optimas awards are issued to just 22 companies each year that exemplify workforce management excellence in areas such as vision, competitive advantage, innovation, service, financial impact, partnership, and global outlook. We are joined by other 2015 winners including leading companies such as Kronos and Red Robin.

With talent flooding into Silicon Valley, we started the university recruiting program to find the best new talent. After countless hours at career fairs, hundreds of interviews, and weeks of onboarding, Inflection’s university recruiting efforts prove to be very successful.University recruits add diversity to our team, while bringing fresh insight.

More information can be found at: 2015 Optimas Awards or in the December 2015 issue of Workforce Magazine.

Check out our Careers page to see our current openings. Keep an eye out for future university recruiting efforts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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