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Harvest Fest Families


We are family! I got all my coworkers with me. Get up everybody and chase geese.” Isn’t that how the song goes? Maybe not, but it certainly would have been an appropriate anthem for our fourth annual Harvest Fest. We spend a significant amount of time with our fellow Inflectionites so it is only fitting to have an event that brings together our work families and our home families.

Inflection prides itself on the unique culture it has created to promote work-life balance. From our flexibility to work from home to our company events that are open to family and friends, Inflection is an incredibly family-friendly workplace. That’s why Harvest Fest was created. It’s a way to celebrate fall with the people who matter most to us.

This year, our super Special Ops team organized an afternoon full of delicious comfort food, sweet treats, pumpkin carving, and games for kids (and some adults) complete with fun prizes. We were even joined by a merry flock of geese looking to join the seasonal celebration in what they think is their backyard. They served as some comical entertainment for the frolicking children who herded them around the grass. Take a look at what our Inflection family members had to say about Harvest Fest and Inflection’s work-life balance:

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