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GoodHire Introduces True Me Checks To Rehumanize Hiring, Reduce Inequality


GoodHire today announced True Me Checks, a revolutionary new solution designed to reduce the systemic inequality of traditional background screening.

Through True Me, GoodHire gives people unprecedented control over their own information. The solution not only lets job seekers see their background check results the same way an employer would (and share the results with any employer they choose), it also lets them add comments directly to any criminal records that appear.

This feature, called Comments For Context, helps people present a more complete picture – beyond the fact that they have a record – for employers to consider. With two-thirds of people who’ve been in prison remaining out of work a year after being released, the need is clear.

Comments For Context also helps employers comply with guidance from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that requires individual assessment of job candidates with criminal records.

“At GoodHire, we’re shaping the future of the hiring process with a renewed focus on candidates. By empowering job seekers, the process becomes more balanced and rehumanized, making the relationship between employer and potential employee much stronger from the start,” said Brian Monahan, cofounder of Inflection and GoodHire.

GoodHire is a trusted company that serves more than 30,000 customers. Its efforts to foster trust, safety, and fairness throughout the hiring process are an extension of Inflection’s own mission to build trust.

Interested in True Me Checks and Comments for Context? Learn more on The Works, GoodHire’s redesigned blog featuring the latest HR tips, news, and analysis.

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