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A Day in the Life of an Office Assistant: Natalie Hollander


I started working at Inflection as a part-time Office Assistant in Omaha just over a year ago. In that short year, this position has evolved into a full-time position that has also welcomed an additional Office Assistant on board.

When I say that I am an Office Assistant, most people would assume I am only responsible for various administrative-type tasks. However, this position at Inflection holds some very different characteristics that a typical office assistant might not possess. As the Office Assistant I am responsible for (but not limited to) maintaining the breakrooms and all of their goods, generating office happiness, keeping track of parking lot assignments, assisting with the organization of our special events, maintaining accurate office and cleaning supply inventories, and feeding our amazing fish.

Here is what my typical day as an office assistant at Inflection looks like:

5:55am-8:00am — My daughter wakes from an 11-hour sleep. This is not typical, but very much appreciated. Time to change her mess of a diaper and get her a bottle. After she eats she falls back asleep for a bit. I shower and and get ready for the day. Get my daughter dressed, make four bottles and a pear for her to take to daycare, and other various “getting out the door” tasks.

8:05am — Drop my daughter off at daycare. Share with teachers her first tooth is coming in, so expect some fussiness in the coming days.

8:30am-9:15am — Clock in and immediately head into the Sustenance Bar. I try to send an updated list of products we will need for the day to Jamel (our Sous Chef) by 8:45. Next, check the three coffee pots and brew any that need a refill. Today the Captain America (Vanilla Buttercream Coffee and it is so good) was out. While it is brewing, I start to make the Spa Water for the day which consists of me cutting up the fruit, putting it in the infuser, adding ice and filtered water to the container. Today’s flavor is Kiwi Lime.

Today is also our restocking day. We restock sodas and snacks/chips Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I gather all the goods and load them to our cart and head to the Secret Sanctuary. I restock sodas, chips, snacks, and make Spa Water for the day.

9:20am — Our office softball league is starting up soon, and Kayla needs t-shirt sizes of all the players. I compile a list of sizes and email it to her. Today is also Susan Lee & Chad Bring’s 1 year anniversary with Inflection (hooray!) so I send out a “congratulatory” email recognizing this milestone.

9:25am — Receive a IM from Mikaila noting there is an interviewee coming in at 10:00am. The heads up is appreciated. Now I can ask Kayla to sit at the front desk while I’m in the Sustenance Bar setting up lunch.

9:45am — Jamel arrives with all the goods for today. It is now time to “close” the Sustenance Bar and redirect everyone to the Secret Sanctuary while we set up and organize the break room for lunches today. Lunches begin at 10:30, so it is important to have this process complete by that time. I typically top off the salad bar toppings the night before, so salad bar set up is relatively easy. Jamel brought several new snack cups (75 total) today which all need to be put in both the Sustenance Bar and Secret Sanctuary coolers. I put out new whole fruit, make signs for pasta/salad types, and brew another pot of coffee.

10:10am — Take new whole fruit and snack cups to Secret Sanctuary to restock.

10:20am — Make finishing touches in the Sustenance Bar which include restocking napkins, silverware, plates, and crackers for the soup. Today we somehow managed to be completely set up by 10:25am. Go us! Ahh, but we are out of another pot of coffee. Brew total since 8:30: 3.

10:25am — Grab my first cup of coffee and head back to my desk to read through a couple emails and feedback about our catering service. It’s nice to read the feedback to see where we can improve the lunch experience. I also review what Asana tasks I have due today and the upcoming days. Our 2nd Annual Event Agenda is due soon, so I continue to make updates to it.

10:45am — Check the Sustenance Bar for replenishment. Two more pots of coffee are out. Brew total now: 5. Replenish some salad bar toppings, refill Spa Water, and wipe down buffet area. Refill my coffee and head back to my desk to continue on the party agenda.

11:20am — Second interviewee of the day arrives. I ask him to sign in and give him a visitor badge. Brooke also arrives for her shift. We discuss a couple happenings of the morning, and she heads to the Sustenance Bar to check on food levels. I stay put at my desk until the interview is picked up by Michelle. In the meantime, I check the lunch schedules for today to have a better idea as to when the “rushes” will be.

11:40am — Back to the Sustenance Bar to gather a list of items we will need for the rest of the day and tomorrow morning and email it Jamel. I walk into the kitchen and Brooke is in the process of brewing three pots of coffee from the Secret Sanctuary. Once two are done, I return them to the Secret Sanctuary. Coffee brew count: 8.

12:05pm — Notice our yellow and white tang, Butter, is acting strange and lying on the aquarium floor leaning against the glass. Brooke contacts our fish guy to determine her problem. We spend a few minutes with Kayla observing her behavior a little more.

12:15pm — My lunch break.

12:45pm — Return from lunch and clock in. I head back into to the Sustenance Bar to replenish salad bar topping levels. We keep backups of hot food on-site in our food warmer. The beef stroganoff and roasted veggies both need to be replaced, so remove the old pans and put out new.

12:55pm — Receive March invoices from our catering service from Kayla. I use this information to help keep track of our food inventory and to determine the meal cost per person per day.

1:15pm — The second trip from our catering service arrives with products we requested at noon. Brooke and I assist with putting away items. This is also the time we replenish food levels. Brew another pot of coffee. Brew count: 9.

1:40pm — Back to my desk. I continue working the meal cost spreadsheet.

2:00pm — I am approached and notified that the paper towels are out in the North Women’s Restroom. Typically, anyone in our office can replace the paper towels, BUT the keys to the dispenser are MIA so I must now go on a hunt for them.

2:15pm — Keys have been located and paper towels have been replenished. Grab some more coffee AND a glass of Spa Water this time. While I’m in the Sustenance Bar I glance at food levels and replenish as needed.

2:25pm — Back to my desk. I start working on my “A Day in the Life” post for Inflection’s blog.

3:00pm — Brooke goes on her lunch break and I remain at the front desk and continue on my “A Day in the Life.” I also make some updates to our parking assignments.

3:30pm — Time to tear down lunch in the Sustenance Bar. This process includes boxing up leftover hot food in to-go boxes, topping off salad bar toppings, saran wrapping and putting away all salad bar toppings, wrapping up alternative bar ingredients, wiping down all tables and buffet area, unloading and loading the dishwasher, and taking out the trash. Brooke and I usually finish up this process in about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the amount of leftover food and the extra help we get (and appreciate) from time to time—I’m talking to you, Kayla and Jake.

4:25pm — Back to my desk and start to think about wrapping up the day. I continue to add some more details to the agenda for our upcoming party. Directions to the zoo and map of the zoo = check!

5:00pm — Time to head home for the day!

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