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A Day in the Life of an Email Specialist: Susie Lee


This is my slice o’ life from my corner of Inflection on the Email Team in Omaha. It wasn’t a typical day, but…in the end, maybe it was. This is my experience at Inflection: it’s NEVER boring. With such a strong community behind you, you will get through anything…and you will do so with cheese, coffee, and a smile!

9:35am — Spring has definitely arrived in Omaha, so take that winter! You tried to destroy us with your subzero temperatures, but we have defeated you again! (Okay, yeah, your effects still linger: nice work with all the potholes. Truly, you outdid yourself this year with those.) First things first at work: head straight for the pot of Dark Knight coffee. How awesome is it that we have exclusive superhero named coffee? No, you can’t get Dark Knight anywhere but here!

10:00am — Time to clock in. It’s email time! Today is already starting out to be an unusual day, as STORM is down. Luckily, one of the great things about being on the Email Team is that we always have other projects that we can do. What does the Email Team do besides answer emails? Today, one member of our team is working on emails for Another member of our team is using her Excel skills to organize data. I work on embedding links in our emails to read better and look sleeker. I also plot an April Fool’s Day prank on our supervisor because someone has to do it, right?

11:00am — Typically, between 10:30am and 11am, if there are cheese cups for snacks, I will hear from someone in our Cheese Underground. Here’s what I love about my coworkers: a real sense of community. An IM with the simple two words, “Cheese cups!” just makes my day. No word yet.

11:45am — Break time and I resign myself to a cheese-less day. Oh well, there’s always something good to eat at Inflection! And there is more coffee…

Noon — STORM is back up and we are in business for answering emails! Customer service via email is quite a different experience than customer service in real time on the phones. Sometimes, you have to put on your Sherlock Holmes hat to deduce what the issue may be based on very little information. I try to figure out what might be going on and ask the right probing questions so I can resolve this quickly for the customer. The immediacy of real-time conversation makes so many aspects of customer service easier, but the distance of email makes other things easier. On email, you can step back, take a breath, and think before you respond to customers. There are different challenges to both ways of communication, and we’re all superheroes of customer service here in Omaha! Which reminds me, I could use a cup of coffee…

2:30pm — Lunch was great, thanks to our catering company! I’m a horrible cook. Most of the meals I prepare for myself come out the microwave, but I always have a good, healthy lunch at work! So that totally justifies me going home and eating a plate of nachos for dinner, right?

3:15pm — Trouble in the Coral Reef, our colorful 200 gallon saltwater aquarium. Terrible news is spreading through the office that one of our newest Inflectionites, Butter, a yellow and white tang, is in peril. Not only is there a Cheese Cup Underground, there is a Fish Enthusiasts Underground. I must inform the most ardent of the fish lovers, a member of our Privacy Team, that all is not well. I am distressed. Must…focus…on…work…but WHAT IS GOING ON WITH BUTTER?

3:30pm — R.I.P., Butter. We will miss you, dear fish friend. We fish folk comfort each other.

3:45pm — The prank on our supervisor has been delivered. I deny all knowledge of it. I think he knows. Oh well, my yearly review (I have worked here one year now!) has just passed, so I don’t think he’ll remember this come my next review.

4:28pm — Someone has been caught wasting coffee. I was supposed to call this person out in my blog, but I am punking out because I made the horrible mistake of calling him by the full version of his first name. He apparently REALLY hates that. So please, have mercy on me! This person, who shall remain nameless, is our Content Specialist and always has a camera with him. I fear retribution in the form of unflattering pictures of me being posted everywhere.

4:45-6:30pm — I am in the email zone until clock out time.

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